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The number of people suffering from dementia will grow and consequently, the socio-economic burden will continue to increase. Due to their prevalence, cost and profound impact on society, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia are public health priorities in EU Member States.

As most European countries are recognizing the challenge they are facing, they have launched national dementia plans with many initiatives to be carried out. In the more wealthy countries, new technology is developed and implemented in the field.

However, there seems to be a missing link between on one side: all the research done, all the existing knowledge, the awareness, the enormous amount of money spent – and on the other side: the priority this topic is given in the education of the basic care staff in the care educations in Europe.

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What is the most rewarding for you,
when working with people with dementia?
How does it develop you?

Describe to us situations/moments/cases when you felt that you are making a difference to other people with your job (caregiving to people with dementia)

Why should people become caregivers
of people with dementia?

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Target Groups

The direct target groups of the activities of the project are the following:

  • Trainers and teachers in care educations

  • Students at care educations

  • Care staff

  • Decision makers in the field of education

However, relatives of people with dementia will also benefit from the project results and the final beneficent is the person suffering from dementia.