Due to the different national contexts in Denmark, Holland, Italy and Greece, the material will be developed with some parts that are common for all countries and some parts that are different from country to country. The common parts will be available in English and translated to the national languages whereas the parts that are specifically related to the specific conditions in one of the countries will be in the national language only. The material will consists of texts, cases, videos, exercises, role-plays, quizzes for the course participants and a Teacher’s Guide with information about each countries national dementia plan, information on the recent research and references. Both material and teachers guide will be accessible on the internet.

It is the first time a training program/training course/training material of this kind is produced on the basis of on one hand: A close cooperation between education and work place and on the other hand: with input from countries with different approaches to the care of people with dementia. Exactly because it is produced in cooperation between the two parts at national level and very practice-oriented, it will be transferable and useful for future education and continuing training in the field of care for people suffering from dementia.