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Dementia is a disease which causes too many problems and difficulties to the people suffering from it and their caregivers. The situation becomes even more difficult, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The term ”stay home” could mean enjoy creative moments at home.


The inspiration

We were inspired from a facebook account from Greece. Alzheimer Athens organization made that and we want to share it with you! It is a creative activity from home for people with dementia.


Let’s have some fun!

This game would be a good idea for people who suffer from dementia to remember their families, their relatives and moments with them. Firstly, you will ask them to fill in the boxes of the ”tree” with the names of their families. After that, ask them for facts and as many details as they could remember. You can enjoy the moment, by sharing stories together.


Stay home, stay safe and do not forget to enjoy it!


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