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A three-day workshop on practice in the field of dementia in Italy has recently concluded in Figline Valdarno, Italy. The workshop, part of European Project DEAL, Erasmus+ KA2, was organized by ASP Martelli and Irecoop Toscana and was held between March and April 2019.

During the three days, experts from the Italian National Health System and from Italian Association Alzheimer Desease (AIMA Firenze), together with professionals from three Italian care houses (ASP Martelli, RSA Fabri Bicoli and RSA Becattini), and experts of the education field, have shared experiences and ideas on how they can improve their ability to deal with dementia through education and training.

Two main topics have emerged from this very stimulating exchange: the importance of communication (between patients and professionals, between professionals and families and between professionals) and the need to deepen the workers’ knowledge on different types of dementia and on the available therapies.

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