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Seminar on Dementia from Aktios Care Units

In the framework of the implementation of the European Project DEAL, Erasmus+ KA2,, attended the Seminar on Dementia organized by Aktios Care Units on 13 March 2019 in Patras, Greece.

During the seminar, a specialist psychologist presented the characteristics of people suffering from Dementia, the course of the disease and the changes it brings to patients.


People suffering from Dementia are gradually changing their lifestyle and habits as they get special features.

Some of them are:

  • Loss of memory and cognitive decline,
  • Orientation problems, hallucinations and hallucinations,
  • The loss of critical capacity,
  • Loss of control,
  • Trends,
  • Aggression,
  • And stress, often accompanied by feeding problems.

The above features, apart from people suffering from Dementia, also have a significant impact on caregivers too.

In countries without welfare infrastructure and with a shortage of caregivers, such as Greece, the problems are intense. In addition to sufferers, caregivers who are mainly members of the patient’s family often experience problems in managing their feelings, anxiety, and social and emotional death.

The importance of proper handling.

The person suffering from Dementia is vulnerable to both immune and hurt injuries. That is why the care they should take must be specialized.

The training of caregivers is very important, because within it is ensured:

  • The quality of care &
  • The quality of life of both patients and patients.


The DEAL Project will also be involved in training for this right, as the aim of the program is to improve the skills of educators trained by caregivers of people with dementia, and of course the health professionals themselves.

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